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Nanoscale Metrix Size distribution of ultrasmall NanoObjects

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Do you want a real size distribution of your Nanoparticles?

Nanoscale Metrix provides high precision technology to characterize and quantify species <50 nm.


Size & Purity

Size Distribution by Taylor Dispersion Analysis (SD-TDA) allows to determine all the hydrodynamic diameter within complex compounds in their native state.



Determination of Biomolecules Degradation or Aggregation using SD-TDA in kinetic studies. Our method provides fast high-throughput runs.



Measurement of nanoparticles sizes with and without coating. Growth control of the particle sizes during coating process and validation of coating quality with high resolution (<1 nm) by SD-TDA.

 TaylorSizer(TM) opens new perspectives for bioprocess characterization

Therapeutic proteins & ultrasmall molecules - Size and purity

Small and ultrasmall biomolecules for biotech and Health:

R&D and quality control for immunotherapy, proteins, and carrier nanoparticles (LNP, EV…). SD-TDA offers an orthogonal technique to scientist for size characterization without labelling and sample prep.

Application theranostic

Nanoparticles for theranostic:

R&D and quality control of  nanosystems for specific and personalized disease management.  (Diagnostic, tests, scanner, therapy..). SD-TDA offers new performing tools allowing an acceleration of development and validation processes.

TaylorSizer (TM) 

based on Size Distribution Taylor Dispersion Analysis 

Nanoscale Metrix Size distribution of ultrasmall NanoObjects

TaylorSizer (TM)
The ultimate UltraSmall size distribution analyzer


UltraSmall NanoObjects size distribution requiring short method development time.

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