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We help the science of UltraSmall NanoObjects in the footsteps of Taylor’s dispersal pioneers!

At the overlap between the worlds of research and industry, Nanoscale Metrix was created in 2022 by Gérard Meunier, founder of Formulaction.

The adventure started from through a technology transfer with a CNRS laboratory (Institut de Biomolécules Max Mousseron, University of Montpellier, France).

Our flagship product, the TaylorSizer, is a testament to our dedication to innovation. It leverages the power of Taylor Dispersion to offer unsurpassed precision in particle size distribution measurement using a patented powerful algorithm.

This device not only exemplifies scientific rigor but also boasts a sophisticated and user-friendly interface, setting a new benchmark in measurement technology.

Gérard Meunier, President Nanoscale Metrix

“At Nanoscale Metrix, our vision is to redefine the field of particle size distribution of very small nanoparticles or molecules using cutting-edge Taylor dispersion technology.

We strongly believe that precise measurement of the size of these very small nanoobjects will be paramount in various industries, such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and materials science. Our unwavering commitment is to set new standards and provide our customers with transformative solutions. »

Gérard Meunier, Président Nanoscale Metrix

Core Values

Our guiding principles reflect our unwavering commitment to excellence:

  • Innovation: We continually push the boundaries of particle size distribution measurement.
  • Quality: We are devoted to delivering products of uncompromising quality, setting new standards for precision and reliability.
  • Accessibility: We are resolute in making our advanced measurement tools accessible to all, contributing to a culture of progress and enlightenment.
  • Responsibility: We are dedicated to environmental sustainability, with a commitment to minimizing our environmental impact.

Nanoscale Metrix in numbers

Years of combined experience in measuring devices

Years of combined experience in scientific research

Articles dealing with Taylor Dispersion Analysis since 1988

The Expert Team

Nanoscale team is made up of individuals who have research ingrained in their genes. It includes doctors in biology, analytical chemistry, and pharmacy. 

It is also surrounded by external experts from the fields of physical measurement, algorithms, and signal processing. Together, we share a profound dedication to scientific progress and the relentless pursuit of breakthrough product development.

Cédric SaraZin

Cédric SaraZin

Head of Operations

Yasmine Sebti

Yasmine Sebti

Application Engineer

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