Probing the protein corona of gold/silica nanoparticles by Taylor dispersion analysis-ICP-MS


Subjects: Nanoparticles, TDA-ICP-MS

Despite the tremendous interest for nanoparticles (NPs) in the biomedical field, their transfer to the clinics is still hampered, in particular due to the lack of knowledge of their behaviour in a biological environment. Indeed, the protein corona formed as soon as NPs enter the bloodstream can drastically affect their properties. The use of Taylor dispersion analysis-ICP-MS as an efficient technique dedicated to metal-containing NPs was proposed to examine these NP−protein interactions and determine protein corona thicknesses in biological fluids. This method was applied on core-shell gold/silica NPs in the presence of proteins at high concentrations and serum. Protein corona around 4 nm were measured. Moreover, the versatility of the method allowed assessing the reversible/irreversible character of the interactions.