Size-based characterization of nanoparticle mixtures by the inlinecoupling of capillary electrophoresis to Taylor dispersion analysisFarid


Authors: Cottet, Desvignes, Morel, Oukacine
Subjects: Nanoparticles

Separation of closely related nanoparticles is still a challenging issue for the characterization of complex mixtures for industrial/research applications or regulatory purposes. In this work, the remarkable separating performances of CE were complemented with the absolute size-based determination provided by Taylor dispersion analysis (TDA) for the characterization of nanoparticle mixtures. The inline hyphenation of CE to TDA was successfully implemented for the baseline separation followed by a size-based characterization of a bimodal mixture containing two closely size-related nanolatexes (70nm and 56nm radii). A pixel sensor UV area imager providing three detection points along the capillary was used for a differential measurement of the peak broadening during the Taylor dispersion step. Comparison of this new technique with dynamic light scattering and hydrodynamic chromatography is also discussed.